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Annual Accounts
Every business has to have annual accounts prepared. For the tax office, for Companies House, for the bank, or to help you get a mortgage.

If you are a limited company then you are required to prepare accounts that are in a statutory format which must be filed at Companies House. Some limited companies are required to have an annual audit.

We can help you by preparing your accounts in the required format (and by auditing the accounts, if required). We are registered to carry on audit work by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

But let us go a step further……, to get some real value out of the accounts. So let's also use them to see how the business is going, to spot problems developing, and opportunities to go for.

We will give you a firm, fixed price in advance. The price will be based on the size of your business, the state of your accounting records, and whether you're a limited company, partnership or sole trader. So you always know how much your commitment is, before you tell us to go ahead. And, of course we can help you reduce the price, by showing you what you need to do, to improve the state of your accounting records.

Accounts in a mess? Let us have a look at them. We enjoy a challenge. And we can help make sure you don't have a problem next time.

Bookkeeping and VAT
Some of our clients would rather use their time more productively than writing up ledgers, or inputting invoices into the computer, and they ask us to take over the whole book-keeping function. Others like us to prepare their VAT returns for them so they are sure they are correct, and won't have any problems when the VAT man comes around. And some ask us to train them, or their staff to do it. Whatever you'd find useful, we can help. And always with a firm, fixed price in advance.

Business planning
Every business must plan ahead in order to ensure success, but it is too easy to succumb to the daily pressures of work and delay or ignore strategic planning. The result of poor planning is often rushed and misinformed decisions, over/under capacity, inefficiency and missed opportunities.

Every business owner needs to invest time in developing a long-term plan, starting with what you want to achieve from your investment and what your reasons for being in business are, and then developing a plan to help achieve these objectives.

We are well placed to help you develop these plans and have a considerable pool of experience and expertise to draw on. The financial aspects are usually the backbone to any business plan and you need to ensure that this aspect has been adequately dealt with in your plan. Contact us today for a strategic planning review.

Business start-up
Most people who start up in business do so because they have a good business proposition, not because they are experts in the financial aspects of running a business. These factors can often be quite daunting to the entrepreneur and this is where we can help by evaluating your ideas and helping you develop them into a feasible business.

We can also help you:

  • decide on the most suitable structure for your business (i.e. sole trader, partnership or limited company)
  • prepare a business plan, cashflow projections, budgets and trading forecasts to prove the financial viability of your ideas and demonstrate this to the bank / potential investors
  • assess your finance requirements and access the most appropriate source of finance
  • help you establish relationships with banks, solicitors, etc via our well established network of contacts
  • carry out registration procedures with Companies House, Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise
  • set up an internal accounting system which complies with statutory requirements

Call us for a free initial consultation to find out how we can help your ideas become reality.

Company formation & secretarial
Often, the best way to operate your business is as a limited company. We have a systematic way of helping you make the right decision, and choosing the best options for your circumstances. Sometimes, a business that started as a sole trader reaches the stage where it needs to be a limited company. Again, we can help you make the right choice, and to help you through the transition.

A popular thing we do is to compare the tax you're paying now, with how much you'd pay if you were a limited company. Sometimes, the difference is staggering! And if it all makes sense, we can see to the formation for you, straight away, so you start reaping the tax savings as soon as possible.

Once your company is up and running, you need to make sure that you are complying with the requirements of the Companies Act. You need to be aware how the legislation affects your company and its directors. We can help by carrying out the company secretarial duties for you. Our services include:

  • preparation of all documentation (such as company Minutes and resolutions)
  • maintenance of statutory books (share register, minute book, etc.)
  • preparation and filing of Annual Returns
  • general advice on company law

As you'd expect, fixed fees apply to all of this.

Management accounts
The preparation of periodic management accounts can be of real value to you. . Monitoring and controlling the financial performance of your business is of paramount importance and regular management information is vital to the continued success of your business.

We will also take this service one step further by interpreting these figures for you and making suggestions to help you improve your profits or to help your business grow.

Running your own payroll can be time consuming and complicated, particularly with the ever increasing complexity of taxation and employment legislation. There is an increasing burden on business to comply with these issues and non-compliance can lead to substantial penalties.
We can prepare payrolls for businesses with 2 to 200 staff.

Our service is comprehensive and confidential and includes:
  • computer generated payslips
  • administration of PAYE, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, etc
  • completion of statutory forms (including year end returns)
  • summaries and analysis of staff costs
  • administration of incentive schemes, bonuses and ex-gratia termination payments.

Even if you only have a few employees, you will make savings by engaging us to administer your payroll.

Taxation - personal
We all hate paying taxes. It is hard to believe that the government expects us to work out our own tax bill, fill out complicated forms, file them, and pay up the taxes by a fixed deadline. And to pay an automatic fine, starting at £100 if we are late.

Let us see to your tax and you can be sure that you'll be paying no more than you have to. And that if the tax man selects you for an enquiry, you will have an experienced professional on your side, who isn't scared to stand up and defend you. Peace of mind.

Taxation - corporate
Corporation tax will represent a substantial cost to any profitable business, not only in terms of the tax itself but also in compliance with reporting obligations, investigations with tax authorities and penalties for non-compliance.

We can help you minimise your corporation tax payments and relieve you of any administrative burden of complying with tax legislation. We will deal with all business tax matters, including preparing corporation tax computations and preparing and submitting your partnership tax return or corporation tax self-assessment return.

Our special Very Small Business Package
Not all accountants like small business clients. Many firms think they're not profitable enough. As a result, micro-business people often end up with unqualified firms, or second-rate advice. We, on the other hand, love small businesses, and encourage them to come and talk to us.

If your figures are quite small and not very complicated, we can offer a special deal. We can often prepare a simpler form of accounts than larger businesses need, and see to your taxes for a fully inclusive fixed fee of just £480. You still get free help and advice whenever required, throughout the year. And you still get exactly the same level of care and attention to your tax affairs.

If you think this might be you, and would like to talk to a professional firm that's interested in you, give us a ring for a free appointment on 020 8455 0500.


All the Things you Need to do Every Year


We offer a full range of compliance services........ all the things you need to do every year. These are our traditional accountancy services.






All the Things you REALLY Need to do Every Year!

We also have a range of new consultancy services designed to help small and medium sized firms grow and become more profitable, click here >






Accounting Records Quality Report

We want to help you get the most out of your accounting systems. So, we will prepare a report setting out any weaknesses, the consequences and our suggestions on how to improve them.
And, the better your accounting systems - the lower your accountancy fees!




I.T. Services

I.T. has become an integral part of the business world and Stern Associates is no exception to this. Our business is totally computerised and our staff are I.T. trained and literate.
The knowledge gained from developing our systems enables our staff to advise our clients on I.T. related matters from first hand experience.

We are members of the Sage Accountants Club and provide software, training and support to Sage Instant Accounting, Sage Line 50 and Sage Payroll.






Company Car Tax Planning

Whether to have a company car or not is the most common question that we get asked. The next most common question is how to finance the purchase of the car.
It is an area for confusion, particularly with the recent changes in the basis of taxation of company cars.

We will gladly carry out a planning exercise each time you consider buying a new vehicle to ensure you are aware of the most appropriate method of finance and the minimisation of tax liabilities.





This list of services is not exhaustive. We are pleased to offer advice and assistance on any matters you wish to refer to us and offer considerable flexibility in our function.

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