1. I need help printing a web page:

This site uses framesets, which divides the screen into separate areas. This may cause some problems when you hit the print button as your browser may print the wrong frame. This problem can be overcome using the following methods:

  • click once in the area you want to print before pressing print on your browser

  • right-click in the area you want to print and select print

    To ensure that the whole page prints make sure that your printer is set to landscape


    2. I need help viewing or printing a PDF file:

    There are several PDF (Portable Document Format) files on this site. To view these you need Adobe Acrobat reader which is available free from numerous sources. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader then you can download using the following link:

    To open the PDF version of the file click on the relevant link or use the PDF button on the red button bar.


    3. I need help viewing this site:

    This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer v5 and above. This can be downloaded using the following link:

    This optimum screen size for this site to be a snug fit to the screen is 800x600 (this is the most commonly used screen resolution).

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